ECU Remapping for modern Common Rail Turbo Diesel vehicles

Our tunes are fully customised to your vehicle on our 4wd dyno

Increase Power - Increase Torque - Save Fuel

How Does It Work?

The ECU remapping process is pretty simple... take a look!


Step 1

Lets talk specifics

Contact us first to enquire on the tunability of your vehicle. We can then discuss the modifications you may (or may not have) and what you are looking to gain from tuning. This will help to ensure we meet your needs!


Step 2

Book it in

We are based in Hobart, Tasmania. All of our tunes will require fine tuning and checking on our in house AWD dyno. Once you have contacted us and the specifics are determined, we can go about booking you in!


Step 3

Tune time!

The tuning process is quite simple, for most vehicles we are able to communicate with the ECU via the vehicles OBDII communications port. We then download the ECU's stock information, re-upload a modified file and PRESTO - You're back on the road!


ECU Remapping via OBDII Comms Port  OR Bench Tune

We charge a flat rate for all common vehicles. Whether it be tuned via the OBD comms port or if we have to remove the ECU, It's the same price!

$1495 incl gst

Custom tuning for CRD vehicles with non factory additions

Installed an aftermarket turbo or larger injectors?

Call or email  us to discuss pricing.

Call To Discuss

Have a question?

You might find the answer you're looking for here...

What is better, ECU Remapping or a Chip?


Good question! In our opinion, ECU remapping is the only way to go. Whilst quality chips will offer excellent results, they are essentially just tricking the ECU to produce the desired results. What you cannot always control with a chip is things like boost pressure, fuel usage, exhaust temperatures or soot emissions. 

Will this affect my new car warranty?

Anything that is altering the factory specifications of your vehicle can affect a new car warranty. That said, you should seek the advice of a local dealership first. Modern diesel remapping is very safe and often increases the engines longevity.

What is the difference between mobile tuning and dyno tuning?

Mobile tuners will use generic tune files that aren't tailored to suit your specific vehicle. Variations in your engines condition, kilometers, intake cleanliness etc... will all play a big part in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your vehicle. A tune that is modified and checked on a dyno will ensure years of happy motoring!

Do you guys supply & fit exhaust systems?

Absolutely! We supply & fit quality MantaPro exhaust systems weekly. Our workshop is fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to fit these to your vehicle at the same time as installing the new tune.

Tassie... keep it local


Why deal with a mainland company who cannot offer the same level of after sale support as a local? Keep your money in the state & support the Tasmanian economy.

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